If Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) has prompted you to make a decision to follow a Scripturally grounded walk, we encourage you to not delay in following that walk.  The Scriptures tell us so in Yahoshua (Joshua) 24:15.

As you can observe from the map above illustrating the journey that he children of Yisra'el took after they left the land of Mitsrayim (Egypt) traveling toward the Land of Promise, as with the ancient journey of those Set-Apart Ones, we too are placed upon the road for the journey set before us leading us to our Blessed Hope which is the Land of Promise.

So, as the Children of Yisra'el were being taught and were learning as they continually headed for the Land of Promise, so we too are continually being taught and are learning as we journey towards the Land of Promise.

Do not let all the new information that you are receiving overwhelm you or discourage you from continuing on this process of being Set-Apart.  We all were new to these understandings at one time but made the decision not to be dissuaded by the world around us or by the enemy (hasatan).  We realize that for most this will cause problems with members of your family and with friends and associates you have had for years, but as was stated in Yahoshua (Joshua) 24:15, it is incumbent on each one of us to make this decision individually.  We are each responsible for our actions and conduct.

We are going to list the areas that over the years we have observed to be the correct manner in which one should walk and pattern one's lifestyle in accordance with Divine Scripture.  We realize that this will cause most to have to reevaluate and re-pattern their lifestyles because most of us have been indoctrinated with philosophies and doctrines which are incorrect and not in accordance with Scripture.

Please do not allow yourself to be discouraged or dissuaded from the journey you chose to take because once you have placed your hand upon the plow, you are not supposed to look back.  Please refer to Ib'rim (Hebrews) 6:4 - 6.  As is stated in these verses it is impossible once you have partaken of the good things of Elohim and turn away to return again.  Make sure that you are ready to make a steadfast commitment as to this journey which you are about to embark upon.

Details of the Lifestyle Patterns which are listed in this summary can be located and studied in various articles in Teachings and Studies.

Lifestyle Pattern 1:  Shabbat (Sabbath)

Lifestyle Pattern 2:  Begin to use more Scriptuarally correct terms.

Lifestyle Pattern 3:  Scriptural Dietary Laws (Kosher)

Lifestyle Pattern 4:  Observe only Scriptural Holydays.

Lifestyle Pattern 5:  Mikvah (Baptism)

Lifestyle Pattern 6:  Study to Show Thyself Approved

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