Celebrated Feasts, Festivals and Holy Days

                                                                   Hebrew Calendars

                                              Scriptural Calendar                                                     Civil Calendar

                                              1)  Aviv (Nisan)                                                                               1)  Tishrei

                                              2)  Iyar                                                                                        
       2)  Cheshvan

                                              3)  Sivan                                                                                           3)  Kislev

                                              4) Tammuz                                                                                      4)  Tevet

                                              5)  Av                                                                                                5)  Shevat

6)  Elul                                                                                             6)  Adar

                                              7) Tishri                                                                                           7)  Aviv (Nisan)

                                              8)  Cheshvan                                                                                 8)  Iyar

                                              9)  Kislev                                                                                         9)  Sivan

                                            10) Tevet                                                                                         10) Tammuz

                                            11) Shevat                                                                                      11)  Av

                                            12)  Adar                                                                                         12)  Illul

                                                                        Holy Days

Shabbat              The Sabbath (Sephardic pronunciation).  The seventh day of the week.

Shabbos             The Sabbath (Ashkenazic pronunciation).  The seventh day of the week.

Shabbaton (pl. Shabbatonim)           Seven high Sabbaths...Sabbath program of study and celebration.  A Holy
                                                             Convocation, a Set-Apafrt Gathering.

Moadim              Appointed times (Sabbaths, Feast Days, and Holy Days).

Mo'ed                 A set time or appointed time.  Season or Festival.  An appointment, a fixed time of season;
                           a festival; an assembly (as convened for a definiet purpose).

New Moons      The first day of the lunar month was observed as a holy day.  As on the Sabbath, trade and
                           handicraft work were stopped.  The new moons are generally mentioned so as to show that 
                           they were regarded as a peculiar class of holy days, so as to be distinguished from the 
                           solem feasts, and the Sabbaths.

                                                                Days of Observance

                                                                Shabbat/Shabbos (The Seventh Day)

                                                                                        New Moons

                Pesach                                                         Hag HaMatzah                                                  Bikkurim
              Passover                                          "Feast of Unleavened Bread"                                   First Fruits

                                                             Feast of Weeks (Known in English as Pentecost)

             Yom Teruah                                                     Yom Kippur                                        Sukkot (Succot)
      Feast of Trumphets                                        Day of Atonement                      Feast of Booths or Tabernacles

                                                                  Feast of Dedication or Festival of Lights


Note:          For more on the subject please refer to TEACHINGS & STUDIES for "Yahuah/Yahweh's Moadim 
                    (Appointed Times )."   










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