The Watchman's Corner is a page dedicated to both Scriptural and Prophetic Utterances and Warnings. 

Not only will we post both Prophetic Utterances and Warnings from ourselves or other sources with whom we are familiar, but we will also from time to time post material submitted and deemed related to the above sources who are willing to submit them to our internet site by emailing  These submissions will be read and evaluated as to Scriptural accuracy and will be reviewed by an oversight group to evaluate whether we feel comfortable with posting them under the Watchman's Corner category on our site.

For those who submit documents for our review and possible posting, please make sure at all times that Scriptural references are an integral part of the document being submitted and that they are related and not some abstract concept that is trying to be given in order to promote some agenda or any type of denominational dogma, new theologies or religions.  Also, all submissions must include a person's name, address and phone number so that we can verify not only who the sender is but establish their true intentions regarding the submission of information.

We hope you find this page beneficial and informative.

A Prophetic Utterance Regarding the Deity of Yahusha/Yahshuah HaMashiach and Lashon Hara

Commentary & Review of Thy Home - Yahuwah  (2-18-2012)

Do Not Get Caught Up In Cannibalism  (3-13-2012)

Messianic Hall of Shame  (5-27-2012)

Lebtahor:  James Trimm  (5-27-2012)

Commentary & Review of Beloved Bride of YAHUSHA Arise and Prepare Yourself for Your Bridegroom Doth Come!  (9-8-2012)

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