These documents which are presented on this page do not necessarily represent our doctrines, beliefs or philosophy, but are included on this website so that those visiting our site might have a better understanding and comprehension of how creeds and doctrines were developed which are not in agreement with Divine and Holy Scriptures. 

Each document will have a website link that will get the viewer to the source information contained in the aforementioned documents.

We hope that this information will provide an insight and resource for helping each person to better understand how doctrines have been developed and have superceded the teachings of Scripture and to establish what Scripture refers to as the "traditions of men."
Mark 7:8
Colossians 2:8
2Timothy 4:3-4


First Council of Nicaea - 325 A.D.

The Council of Laodicea in Phrygia Pacatiana 364 A.D.

Panarion 29 - The Nazarenes

The Homilies against the Judaizers &
Saint John Chrysostom - 347 - 407 Eight Homilies - Against the Jews

Patristic References to - Nazarenes

Martin Luther - The Jews and Their Lies - 1543

Adolf  Hitler Speech - 1924

Sabbath Vs Sunday - Quotable Notes and Notable Quotes

All About The Pope And Catholicism (07-23-2013)

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